We hardy New Englanders figured we dodged the worst of the 2018 winter season. It was bitter cold in January, but otherwise not a bad winter. “Nothing like those 90-inches of snow back in 2012!”

That is – until March. Then four nor’easters (including a bombogenesis cyclone storm) took a significant toll on not only our spirits, but also on our yards.

We are stalwart New Englander who have always been able to handle what Mother Nature throws at us…but the sight of the overall damage to our yards and gardens – snapped tree limbs, broken shrubs, debris all over the lawns – was sobering!

Granted – the sight of tulip bulbs starting to poke through the soil –has been a good sign, but the devastation from those four storms is tough to take. How will our yards ever come back?

Fear not… The impact of the 2018’s nor’easters is reversible. Corning Landscaping can bring back your beautiful yard. No matter how harsh the winter season or how intense the impact of those storms, Corning Landscape is your “we can fix it” garden maintenance team!

You can count on us: from simple cleanup tasks to trimming and removing broken tree branches and propping up those bushes. We’ve got it covered!  We will return your yard to its previous beauty –and perhaps make it even a bit better.

Once your yard is cleaned up, we’ll switch to our core maintenance program, which includes:

  • Landscape Maintenance (link) – weekly lawn service, spring and fall cleanups, mulching
  • Lawn renovation (link)– aeration, slice seeding and top dressing
  • Garden Design (link)– new trees and shrubs, seasonal color enhancements

Link to generic list of services page:

By summer your lawn and garden will be glorious (expect compliments from family and friends) and those late winter nor’easters will become part of our New England lore: “Remember those storms of 2018 when…..”

At Corning Landscaping, LLC: “We take as much pride in your property as you do!”