Weekly Lawn Mowing

Lawn service is provided weekly

Weekly Lawn Service

Lawn service is provided on a regular basis. The lawn is mowed, edges along the walkways and garden beds are trimmed and the hard surfaces are blown off. We try and get to each property on the same day and time each week. Of course, sometimes the weather and equipment doesn’t cooperate, and, in that case, we will be there as soon as possible.

Lawn Renovation

Aeration, slice seeding, top dressing

Even the best-kept lawns can look a bit tired at times. This could be from soil compaction, a tough winter, too much rain, lack of sunlight, dry conditions, poor soil, pests, even the age of the lawn. The list can go on. Corning Landscape offers a combination of different services that are tailored for your lawn.

  • The first step in dealing with an unhealthy lawn is getting a soil test. This is an easy test that Corning is happy to coordinate on your behalf. The findings will let us know your soil’s pH, along with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium levels.
  • Then the lawn needs to be raked to remove excess debris. With the removal of old grass and weeds, more light and air reaches your lawn.
  • Aerationis done to relieve soil compaction and allow nutrients, air and water to get to the root zone. This also provides better drainage and decreases soil compaction.
  • Top dressing is a sand or prepared soil mix that is applied to the surface of the lawn. When applied after aeration, the materials filters into the holes opened by the aeration process and helps with turf recovery.
  • Slice seeding mechanically slices the soil and drops grass seed into the grooves to help thicken up the lawn.
  • Over-seeding is the method of broadcasting grass seed after aeration to establish need grass plants in the turf.

Don’t despair if your lawn looks a bit sad.  It happens.  And it can be remedied.

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